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What are the top 4 things property management clients value?

Apr 29, 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of property management, clients value certain qualities and services that distinguish outstanding property managers from the rest.

Whether you're a landlord with multiple rental properties or an investor seeking to maximise returns on your investments, the objectives that are sought from the management of your property tends to be the same.

Here is what some of our property management clients have shared are the top things they truly value when it comes to their investment property.


1. Excellent Communication

One of the most consistent praises among clients is excellent communication from their property management team.

Kris, for instance, highlighted that “great communication, prompt action on instructions and sound advice has afforded peace of mind”.

It was a similar story for Patrick, who emphasised that everything needed to secure the best new tenants for his rental property was done. “Great communication throughout the whole process of changing tenants,” he said.

Effective communication ensures that landlords are informed about every aspect of their property management, from tenant enquiries to maintenance updates, fostering trust and transparency in the landlord-property manager relationship.


2. Prompt Action and Responsiveness

In the fast-paced world of property management, prompt action is invaluable. Kris appreciates the "prompt action on instructions," indicating that swift responses to queries and requests contribute significantly to client satisfaction.

Andy , who has experience in the real estate market for more than 30 years and worked with a number of agencies in the area, echoed this sentiment.

"My previous tenants, which Joanne recommended, were an absolute charm and left the property as good as when they entered," Andy said.

"While they recently vacated, new tenants moved in the same week.”

He said while the last tenants moved out due to downsizing, he praised the team for being “quick in managing the advertising campaign and very thorough with the selection process and recommendation”.


3. Sound Advice and Professionalism

Another key theme that emerged from feedback from clients was how they valued property managers who offered sound advice backed by industry expertise, along with professionalism.

Maggie described Joanne and the team as “streets ahead of any other agency I’ve had dealings with over many years in Sydney and Wollongong”.

“Their commitment and personal touch are consistent and their professionalism always first class," Maggie said.

"During our purchase period, ALL the staff were available for support and during a difficult market period they have sought a tenant for us and guided us through the process.

"I look forward to a professional ongoing relationship.”

This demonstrates the importance clients place on the professionalism and expertise of their property management team.


4. Personalised Service and Genuine Care

Beyond professional expertise, clients value property managers who demonstrate genuine care and personalised service.

And that goes for landlords and tenants, as expressed by Roger.

"Regardless of my rental status, Joanne and her staff... were very respectful and made my experience trouble-free and quite enjoyable,” Roger said.

He described the team as "extremely confident”, that he felt he was "always in safe hands during the process” and they “demonstrated a willingness to be of assistance and in an extremely professional manner”.

“It was very pleasing to be find an agency that treated both landlord and tenant in such a respectful and efficient manner,” he said.

This personal connection fosters a positive client experience and builds long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


What is it that you value? Is it also effective communication, prompt action, sound advice, and personalised service?

By prioritising these qualities, property management teams can cultivate strong relationships with clients and deliver exceptional service that exceeds expectations.

As evidenced by this glowing feedback, the right property management team can make all the difference in maximising the value and success of real estate investments.

If you’re not a One Agency JD Property Agents client, but would like more information on our landlord services, contact us on 4285 7400 or via email. We are always happy to answer questions and offer advice, or offer a free rental property appraisal.