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Attracting Buyers

The saying “first impressions count” is so true when presenting your home for sale. When it comes to how to attract property buyers, they will be impressed if you consider doing some or all of the items listed below. Remember the more desirable your property appears, the better your sale price is likely to be:

(1) De- Personalising your property

It is important for buyers to see themselves living in your home, so de-personalising your property is important. If possible, remove personal photos and family heirlooms, as you don’t want buyers being distracted by these items. You want buyers to ask themselves “Can I see myself living here

(2) De-Clutter to make more space

We seem to accumulate items all our lives and we should ask ourselves occasionally “have I used this over the last 12 months?” If no, maybe we don’t need it and it is time to either sell it, give it to someone else or donate it. It is important to pack up your knickknacks, clear off the benches and tidy up the cupboards. We want people to see how much space and room you have. Consider this process, as a start to packing up to relocate.

(3) Repairing the little things are important

It is important that all items are in working order, so fix that door handle, replace the blown light globes and repaint the roof. All these minor repairs will help you achieve a great price for your home and just as important, will encourage a timely sale.

(4) Doing a Spring clean shows you care

Everyone loves a clean and tidy home and no-one more than a buyer. So now is the time to clean those windows and remove the cobwebs, have the carpets cleaned and remove any mould from the bathrooms and pathways.

(5) Let the light in and create bright space

Most buyers love light filled areas, so open the curtains and blinds and let the light shine in.

(6) Trigger emotional connection with inviting scents

Make sure that your home has an inviting smell and that it has been aired, so that all evidence of animals, cigarette or damp smells, have been removed.

(7) Create space with the magic of mirrors

If you have a small area which you would like to enhance, consider a mirror. Mirrors can provide a greater sense of space and elegance when properly placed. This is a great way of making an area appear larger to the potential buyer.

(8) Tidy the gardens to give street appeal

Mow the lawns, pull out the weeds and mulch the gardens. Add a splash of colour, with some potted plants which you can take with you, after you sell. Then stand at the front of your home and ask yourself – “Does my home have street appeal”. If yes, you have done a great job and the buyers will definitely want to inspect your property.

(9) Local help to help you get the best price

We understand that it can take time to prepare your home for sale and over the years we have built up a list of professionals that may be able to assist you with some of the above items and your preparation for sale. So please feel free to call us, so that we can put you in touch with some of these local businesses.

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