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Feb 15, 2024

Maximizing rental income: Is your Property Manager working for you?

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, the maximization of rental income stands as the cornerstone of success for property investors. As landlords, the question that often lingers is whether our property managers that have been engaged are skilled at navigating the complexities of the rental market to secure the best possible rent for investments. The competitive nature of the real estate market necessitates a proactive approach to rental management and rent increases. Beyond simply finding tenants, property managers play a pivotal role in orchestrating a delicate balance—assessing market dynamics, negotiation strategies, and tenant relations to ensure property investors reap the maximum benefits from their property portfolio. In this video, Joanne Danckwardt of One Agency JD Property Agents delves into the crucial considerations that investment property owners must weigh to assess the effectiveness of their property managers in optimizing rental returns. [siteloft_youtube video_id="UptiQO_GowM" autoplay="1" suggestions="1"] If you're ready to discover how you can rent out your property with confidence, download our free Step By Step Checklist to Renting Your Property with Confidence. YES, DOWNLOAD MY CHECKLIST Rental Market Analysis It is important to stay informed of the local rental market. A Property Manager conduct regular market analyses to understand current rental trends, vacancy rates, and comparable property rents in the area. Regular Rent Reviews A Property Manager should have a proven system and procedure they follow to ensure they actively engage in regular rent reviews for all their managed properties. This in turn, should lead to a discussion of the benefits of adjusting the rent to reflect current market changes and ensuring that the property investor receives the optimal rental income. For example, a rent review might be completed with every routine inspection, and a rent review should be completed at every lease renewal. Negotiation Skills One of the most critical aspects of securing the best rent for your property lies in the negotiation skills of your Property Manager. Negotiation is an art that goes beyond settling on a rental price; it involves a strategic and nuanced approach that can significantly impact your property's overall profitability. A property manager with excellent negotiation skills understands the dynamic nature of the rental market. They keep abreast of current trends, fluctuations, and demand patterns, allowing them to position your property competitively. By leveraging this knowledge, they can skilfully negotiate rental rates that align with the market's highs and lows, ensuring optimal returns. Effective negotiation is not just about finding a middle ground; it's about advocating for the best interests of the property owner. A skilled property manager will confidently represent your goals, whether it's securing higher rent, favourable lease terms, or other conditions that enhance the value of your investment. Negotiation isn't solely about financial transactions; it's also about fostering positive relationships between landlords and tenants. A property manager with strong negotiation skills can strike a balance that satisfies both parties, reducing the likelihood of disputes during the lease period. This positive dynamic can lead to longer tenancies and a stable income stream. Every rental situation is unique, and negotiations must be tailored accordingly. Whether it's addressing specific tenant needs, navigating complex lease terms, or managing unexpected challenges, a skilled negotiator can adapt to various scenarios. This adaptability ensures that your property manager can navigate complex situations with finesse, ultimately benefiting your bottom line. Effective Marketing Strategies When an investment property is vacant, having a robust marketing strategy to attract a good tenant for your rental property will ensure plenty of exposure to attract the right and competition. Using various channels such as online platforms, social media, and traditional advertising to showcase your property effectively will ensure the maximum rental price is achieved for your investment property in the shortest possible time when your property becomes vacant. If you're ready to discover how you can rent out your property with confidence, download our free Step By Step Checklist to Renting Your Property with Confidence. YES, DOWNLOAD MY CHECKLIST As property investors, the key lies in partnering with Property Managers who go beyond the conventional, actively engaging in regular rent reviews, maintaining properties to the highest standards, and ensuring that every negotiation reflects your best interests. By doing so, you not only secure optimal rental income but also foster positive, lasting relationships with tenants. So, as you assess your property manager's performance, consider the comprehensive picture we've painted. Is your property manager getting the best rent for you and your property? The answer lies not just in finding tenants but in fostering a strategic and dynamic approach to rental management that ensures sustained success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. If you’re not a One Agency JD Property Agents client, but would like more information on our property management service – contact us on 4285 7400 or jdpropertypm@oneagency.com.au. We are always happy to answer questions and offer advice, or offer a free rental property appraisal. We hope these tips have been helpful. If you feel you could benefit from our experience with property management, we’d love to hear from you. Simply reach out.  We hope that has helped you today. If you have any questions, we’d love to talk to you. Our number is 0426 264 771 or 0455 147 755. We look forward to talking to you soon....

Jan 26, 2024

Local Business: Villa D’oro moves into Fairy Meadow

The opening of Villa D’oro in Fairy Meadow brings its owner Claude Guido back to where his food story all began. Claude started as an apprentice at The Fraternity Club in the ‘70s and today has adapted his own 23-year business from one that caters for functions to now offering a cafe and at-home dining experiences. Over the years, it has transitioned from catering for balls, real estate fundraisers, networking events and weddings at the Flinders Street Function Centre to at-home dining picked up from the Croation Club in Figtree during COVID when functions were no longer possible. The business has kept up this pickup menu long after lockdowns have finished - but is now based in a new home, it's cafe at 12-16 Princes Hwy Fairy Meadow. Here is Claude’s story. When and how did the business start? We were well known for our function centre in Flinders Street. We had that for 23 years and then COVID hit in 2020 and that put a total grind to our business. Obviously everyone was starting to get concerned and staff were getting concerned and me being the owner, I was concerned for my family and our business. So we decided to sell some pastas to make ends meet for a little bit of time and that took off and here we are today. Out of COVID, a new business was born. What was your hospitality experience prior to that? I did my apprenticeship at The Fraternity Club in the ‘70s. I also managed Portafino in its heyday. I bought Villa D’oro in 2001 and was there till 2023, and then we got the sad news that (we had to move out of the venue). We had to think about what we were going to do and I was still umming and ahhing as to whether I still wanted to do functions or if I'd had enough of functions. Then out of the blue, this shop became a thought. We thought well, we've got six to eight months to kill and so we went to the Croatian Centre at Figtree. We kept doing our takeaways and our catering business out of there. That was handy and they were very good to us. They wanted us to stay there. We moved here (in November) and away we’ve gone. Why is at-home catering still popular post COVID? I think the products we were making were a good product for a reasonable price. We were probably fortunate that we've got a loyal clientele base and just kept coming – and still do. That at-home menu, which is our pickup lasagnes, cannellonis, veals, chickens, all those is still more than 60 per cent of our business. Why Fairy Meadow? I guess because the opportunity arose. I kept looking around this area because I thought what we wanted to create here was that someone would come in and order a fresh plate of pasta, we'd put it in a takeaway container and they can go home and eat it or sit outside and eat it. Then the idea of that panini was born and we're doing a fairly good trade of that as well. But it’s our lasagnes and cannellonis - people just walking in grab a tray of lasagna or cannelloni. The trade we’re getting from people just walking in, it’s quite impressive. You had been doing functions like weddings, graduations and balls for a long time at Flinders Street Function Centre. What do you now enjoy about catering? We didn't do too much catering. Not that there wasn’t a need for it, but we didn’t probably promote that area, whereas we promote it now because it’s part and parcel of our business. The catering is a huge part of our business now where we drop off food to people's houses, surf clubs, wherever they want us to. We did a wedding last Saturday for a beautiful couple at home and we do some corporate events at places, but most of the catering we do is just for mums and dads that might have 30-40 people over. How have you been finding the response so far? A lot of the community around Fairy Meadow has popped in to say hello to us. We’ve had a massive response from the businesses around Fairy Meadow. It was the pastor who said it to me that you realise a lot of the hospitality businesses are coming towards this area where we are. And I started to think and he’s kind of right, you've got Pizza Hut, you've got us, there's a cafe and a couple of pizza places. I think it’s location. It's easy in and out. You're just off Towradgi Road. Learn more about Villa D’oro. To learn more about buying, selling or leasing a property in Fairy Meadow and surrounds, contact Joanne on (02) 4285 7400. Do you want to know what your property is worth in the current market? Search your address for a Digital Property Report....

Jan 15, 2024

Preparing for a downsize or aged care move

The decision to downsize or transition a family member into aged care is a significant and sometimes challenging one. As you prepare, one crucial aspect is getting the home ready to sell and move on from. This process involves not only practical considerations but also emotional sensitivity. In this video, we guide you through essential steps to prepare for yours or a family member’s move to downsize or move into aged care, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition that prioritizes comfort and well-being. [siteloft_youtube video_id="HmRBzqP1CPc" autoplay="1" suggestions="1"] If you're ready to discover the secrets to being ready to sell your home, download our free insider secrets to being ready to sell checklist. YES, DOWNLOAD MY CHECKLIST Declutter with Care Begin by decluttering the living space. Over the years, belongings tend to accumulate, and downsizing becomes necessary. Respect attachment to sentimental items while ascertaining what what can be donated, sold, or kept. Remember, the goal is to create a comfortable and manageable environment. Familiarity and Comfort When packing, prioritize items that hold sentimental value or are essential for daily life. Familiar items, such as photos, treasured possessions, and a favourite chair, can help create a sense of continuity and comfort in the new space. Pack Strategically Label boxes clearly to make unpacking easier later on. Sort items by categories, such as clothes, personal care items, and keepsakes. If you have specific hobbies or interests, ensure these are still handy to enjoying them. Accessibility and Safety As you prepare, consider any mobility or safety concerns. Ensure walkways are clear, remove tripping hazards, and make necessary adjustments to accommodate any mobility aids that may be required. Keep Essential Documents Handy Gather important documents such as medical records, identification, insurance information, and legal documents. Having these accessible can help streamline the transition. Home Maintenance Arrange for any necessary home maintenance tasks, such as plumbing, electrical, or structural repairs. Leaving the home in good condition not only ensures its future but also provides peace of mind. Financial Matters Redirect mail, notifying relevant institutions about the change in address, and set up automatic bill payments if necessary. Emotional Support Moving from a long-time home can be emotionally challenging. Be patient and understanding whilst feelings are processed. Engage in open conversations about the move, and acknowledge emotions while remembering the positive aspects of the transition. Moving Day On moving day, ensure that the space is well-prepared with familiar items arranged thoughtfully. Arrange transportation and have a plan for unpacking and setting up the new space, making it feel like home from the very beginning. If you're ready to discover the secrets to being ready to sell your home, download our free insider secrets to being ready to sell checklist. YES, DOWNLOAD MY CHECKLIST Preparing for a downsize, or moving a family member into aged care, involves a blend of practical considerations and emotional awareness. By approaching this process with care, open communication, and respect, the transition can be smooth and as comfortable as possible. Remember that while it may be challenging, well-being and quality of life in a new environment is a positive opportunity. If you are thinking of selling your home contact us today. We can provide insights tailored to your specific market. With the right approach and timing, you can capitalise on the advantages that the market holds for you. If you feel you could benefit from our experience with buying and selling, we’d love to hear from you. Simply reach out.  We hope that has helped you today. If you have any questions, or you know of anyone who may benefit from our real estate services, we’d love to chat. Our number is 0426 264 771. We look forward to talking to you soon. ...

Dec 17, 2023

Local event: Sing 2 movie night in Fairy Meadow

Dream big dreams and sing with us this summer, as Wollongong is treated to a free outdoor screening of Sing 2 on a giant five-metre screen on Saturday, 20th January 2024, in Fairy Meadow. Hosted by One Agency JD Property Agents in Fairy Meadow, the free community event will give young and old a great night out nearing the end of the school holidays. Come dressed as one of the characters from the movie or bring along a favourite animal toy. One Agency JD Property Agents proprietor Joanne Danckwardt said after the success of the 2023 “movie under the stars – Kung Fung Panda” and the positive feedback received, the decision to host the event again in 2024 was an easy one. “The event was crafted as a complimentary offering to the community, with the intention of providing a free and enjoyable experience, especially in the summer school holidays,” she said. “Given the resounding success of last year’s event, there was no doubt in our minds about hosting it again.” The school holiday event will be held at Guest Park in Fairy Meadow at the Balgownie Road entrance. Patrons can arrive from 7pm, with screening of the movie from 8pm just as dusk hits. Fairy Meadow Rotary Club will provide a barbecue to raise funds for community projects. Bring a picnic rug or folding chairs, your friends and family, and enjoy an outdoor cinema experience. When Should You Arrive at Guest Park? The movie night will be held on Saturday 20th January 2024. While the movie starts at 8pm, come along from 7pm to give yourself time to set up, grab something to eat from the Fairy Meadow Rotary Club barbecue and find your friends. What Should I Bring? You’ll be experiencing the outdoors, so we suggest you bring along: A picnic blanket, pillow or folded chairs to avoid having to sit on the grass. If it’s forecast to be a bit chilly, bring along a blanket or oversized hoodie to keep yourself warm In case the mozzies are out, insect repellent is a good idea If you’re not planning on taking advantage of the food stalls provided, you can bring your own food and drink. What Is the Cost? This is a free community event for family and friends to enjoy. We know that nearing the end of the school holidays parents, grandparents and carers are looking for something to do with the kids. This is a great way to entertain the kids without the added cost. Will Food and Drinks Be Available? We have organised for the Fairy Meadow Rotary Club to set up a barbecue to allow you to purchase food and drinks on the night. While we encourage you to support the Rotary Club and their fundraising efforts by purchasing food, you are welcome to pack your own picnic to bring along too. How Do I Get to Guest Park, Fairy Meadow? Guest Park is located in Fairy Meadow. From the Princes Highway, navigate onto Balgownie Road. Parking is available near the Guest Park Soccer Fields. There are also bus stops along Balgownie Road. Check bus timetables for running times for that night. What Happens If the Weather Isn’t Kind? In the case of inclement weather, the movie will be postponed to another date. We will make this decision by 3pm on the day and announce it on our Facebook page. Please be sure to follow the page to keep updated on the day. Sing 2 movie night, screening outdoors at Guest Park, Fairy Meadow on Saturday, 20th January 2024 at 8pm....