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Why do people choose to sell their property with us? We asked!

May 31, 2024

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When it comes to selling property, choosing the right real estate agent can make all the difference. At One Agency JD Property Agents, we're consistently striving to deliver the best possible experience, making the selling process smooth and successful for clients.

But that’s easy for us to say, right? We decided to ask our clients to share their experiences and why they choose to sell their property with us.


Thorough and detailed service

Tahlia praised the team for its attention to detail. In fact, she said Joanne was “the most thorough real estate agent I have come across”. She described the service as exceptional, noting the care taken throughout the process.

This meticulous approach ensured nothing is overlooked, giving clients confidence that their property is in capable hands.

Tania and Steven emphasised their satisfaction with Joanne’s service, noting her professionalism, attentiveness, and excellent communication. Their experiences have led them to confidently recommend Joanne to family and friends.


Exceptional support for first-time sellers

Candice, a first-time home seller, recounts how Joanne's genuine and professional demeanour made the experience seamless.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better experience as first-time home sellers,” she said. “She kept us informed every step of the way”.

She said this resulted in a smooth process and an outcome that exceeded her expectations. We’ve always believed this level of support is crucial for those unfamiliar with the selling process.


Local market knowledge and professionalism

Stuart highlighted Joanne’s deep knowledge of the local market and her professional handling of all sale aspects. He said her expertise and warm, friendly manner made a significant difference in selling his mother’s villa.

John's glowing review underscored Joanne’s expertise in market and industry knowledge, ethics, and client assistance. “Joanne is a very competent, hardworking, professional, and genuinely nice person,” he said.


Long-term client relationships

Being able to service a client across different situations in life is one of the things clients like Bree valued.

“We first purchased our home from Joanne several years ago and had a wonderful experience with the One Agency Team as buyers," she said.

“When it came to later leasing our property, our first choice was One Agency again. Fast forward to the recent sale of our property, we of course chose Joanne and the One Agency team.

"It has been a difficult time in the market but Joanne was proactive with her sales strategy, with her industry experience and client base she was able to find us the right buyer and achieve a great result with minimal stress."


Friendly and personable approach throughout communication

Clients appreciate Joanne's friendly, non-pushy demeanour throughout all her communication. One person noted how Joanne’s relaxed and informative approach made the buying process reasonable compared to other agents. Her personable nature and excellent property knowledge were key factors in their decision to choose Joanne.

Sandra sums up her experience as both professional and personal. Joanne’s accurate market knowledge, consistent communication, and personable nature, infused with humour, made the entire home-selling journey pleasant and well-informed for her.


Integrity and honesty

The word "honesty" gets thrown around a lot in real estate. However, that's the exact term Danielle used.

She spoke to Joanne’s professionalism and integrity, highlighting her honest advice and dedication. That's what we've noticed over the years is that clients value transparency and trustworthiness, knowing their best interests are always prioritised.


Stress-free experience

Selling a home can be a stressful experience, regardless of your situation.

Jeff described his selling experience as completely relaxed, thanks to Joanne's professional and friendly manner. “She made what is normally a stressful experience fly by with ease,” Jeff said. “We knew from the start she had our best interest at heart and was professional at every level and always provided updates during the selling process”.

Leti and Moyra commended Joanne’s exceptional negotiating skills and local area knowledge. Their experiences reflected smooth transactions, with all concerns managed efficiently.


Enthusiasm and positivity

Kevin appreciated Joanne’s positive attitude and professional transparency, which led to results that surpassed expectations.

“Her attitude is infectious, her confidence and positivity is unwavering and the results echo that attitude,” he said.


Successful outcomes in challenging markets

Patricia was most impressed with how Joanne expertly navigated a difficult real estate market.

“This was a tricky time for the real estate market as interest rates for borrowers were rising and buyers were hesitant,” she said.

“Joanne was able to steer a steady and confident course for me. The closing hours of the deal were quite breathtaking and Joanne managed to get the buyer across the line.”


Empathy and compassion

Gautam highlights Joanne’s empathy and compassion, which are among Joanne's highest values. Her knowledgeable and hardworking nature, combined with genuine care, ensure clients feel supported throughout their property transactions.


Handling difficult circumstances with care

Leanne and Anne both dealt with selling properties under challenging circumstances. Joanne’s compassionate and professional approach made these difficult situations manageable, resulting in successful sales and satisfied clients.

Leanne said: “Joanne was very helpful and understanding when we were selling the home as part of a deceased estate.”

For Anne, it was the job of advising, marketing and selling her father's home in Dapto she was impressed by.

“Difficulties were presented to us at what seemed every turn," she said. "But Joanne managed each of them in her usual calm, professional and always cheerful manner, providing support to any of us needing it throughout the process, which actually went ahead quickly and smoothly in the end.”


Our clients' reviews highlight the many reasons people choose to sell their property with us. From thorough service and market expertise to genuine care and exceptional communication, Joanne and the One Agency JD Property Agents team are about exceeding your expectations.

Whether you're selling your first home or managing a complex sale, we’re here to make the process smooth, successful, and as stress-free as possible. Give Joanne a call on 4285 7400 or email.

What is it that you value? Let us know.