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What are your options if you need aged care?

Mar 26, 2019

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With an ageing population, we are always finding that people are constantly looking for aged care options in Fairy Meadow.

If you are wondering what may be available for either yourself or loved one when it comes to aged care options Wollongong, Joanne Danckwardt talk with Dianne Chalk from Chalk Financial Planning (formerly Hillross Fairy Meadow) to provide information on what is on offer along with transitioning into aged care.


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Aged Care Government Funding 

The Government has various funding packages that will assist people to stay at home rather than going into aged care, with home care packages being available to assist. The Aged Care Assessment Team will need to conduct an assessment to ascertain what level of care is required. There are four levels available, with level one being the lowest level of care, for example, assistance with showering or shopping, to level four, which might mean full-time care is required. These care packages can take the burden off families with their assistance – not only the financial burden, but the time required to provide the care. Having assistance with the care of a loved one means that families may have an opportunity to have more time and a better relationship with the loved one in their care.

Retirement Living

Retirement living in retirement villages is another option available. This type of living falls under state legislation, and the buyer should be aware of exactly what they are buying into, by reading the fine print. Always check the cost required to buy into the village, along with any associated ongoing costs, and any exit costs. Always review how the fees and costs fit in with your cash flow.

There can be extensive waiting lists for these types of living packages. Do some research on the area that you like, to ascertain the time it may take for you to gain access.

Be aware of how exactly you will be taking ownership of premises. Some places are actually leasing or renting the land, others you may be buying the house on the land. Do your research, and also review the treatment of Centrelink and how they assess some places for any rent assistance packages.

Make an aged care plan

Ideally, you should make a plan for aged care, rather than making emotional decisions under pressure if something goes wrong. Talking opening with your family and friends will provide clarity and support, allow everyone to proactive rather than reactive.

If you feel concern for a loved one, arrange for an assessment from the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). This can be done through your doctor. Having this assessment done is like having a passport. Just because you have one does not necessarily mean you are going to travel overseas. This assessment is also an assessment for home care respite along with permanent care.

Have a look around at not only what options are available for aged care options in Fairy Meadow or nearby, but what places may be around. Create a shortlist based on the area and type of needs. Ensure that you incorporate costs associated with these care facilities so that there is no shock. When the time comes, you will have a good place to start with this list.

Ensure that wills are up to date, estate planning is carried out, and it is important to have powers of attorney and ensuring guardianship is established, otherwise most facilities will not accept your application. See you solicitor to have these items established. By not having estate planning in place, then potentially the government can step in and end up managing the financial affairs.

We also recommend seeing a financial planner who specialises in Aged Care Advice. This will provide comfort knowing that you are receiving the latest advice and consideration for your needs and aspirations for your situation.

Listing and Pricing your Fairy Meadow home to sell

After completing all this research, you will have your own knowledge on if you should need to sell your property. If this a requirement of yours, pricing your home to sell is of utmost importance along with the timeframes for listing the property for sale.

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I hope that has helped you today. If you have any questions whatsoever I’d love to talk to you. My number is 0426 264 771. I look forward to talking to you soon.

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