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Innovation and technology when selling

May 31, 2019

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With the current market being tough to sell in, choosing the right agent is imperative. Agents need to continually look for innovative practices that will add to any sales and marketing process to improve the positioning of a property in the market. They need to be across technology in real estate for selling. This will result in extra attention in a noisy marketplace, along with providing the benefit of complete transparency for all involved.

With our philosophy of being the Uber, Air BnB, and Amazon of the real estate industry, we believe that being innovative can ensure you receive an ideal experience as a seller.

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Here is technology in real estate for selling

Matterport Technology

Matterport is an all-in-one reality capture system that provides a realistic, interactive 3D and Virtual Reality experience. It allows prospective buyers to feel like they’re walking through the property from the comfort of their computer.

This enhances buyer interactions with properties for sale, making the buying process easier, more engaging and streamlining the decision-making process. Prospective buyers no longer have to wait for an open home to get the information they need, with the ability to engage with a property and understand early whether they will love it. As a real estate agency and seller, there is no hiding anything in the home, as everything is there for the potential buyer to see. Many agents avoid the technology in fear buyers won’t come, but we have the opposite view, with a desire for complete transparency.

You can a recent example of a Matterport completed by our office for a property we acted for – Property Matterport.

Where other agencies have resisted technologies like Mattaport in fear of no one showing up to open homes, we had some of our biggest open home numbers in 2018. For clients like Jose and Lynnaire, using Mattaport meant they were merely showing up to the open home to start the formalities of purchasing the property, having already made up their mind through the virtual tour to buy. This has cut our time at open homes down as potential buyers already know what they want to see when they arrive.

Before You Bid

Before You Bid is a low-cost way for an owner to organise a pest and building inspection, see how the house will be perceived by buyers, get quotes to rectify areas in the future for buyers and understand the value of their home based on any issues that may have arisen.

The buyers love it because it’s a low-cost way to look at a report when they’re interested in a home without outlying $500 themselves if they are not successful with their purchase. The potential buyer pays $49 and only pays the balance ($450) if they proceed with the sale. If no buyers download the report and the home sells, the owner pays the balance of $250.

It’s independent of the owner and agent and has the advantage of a new buyer having the report put into their name so it’s legally theirs.

What makes us different?

We have undertaken extensive market research and have heard some particularly disappointing stories about the real estate industry. Our passion and desire is to ensure this image is changed by leading the way with transparency and innovation.

Whether that is adopting technology which ensures we’re fully transparent to all parties involved, as outlined above, or offering a more personalised, caring approach.

We pride ourselves on understanding each individual, providing a highly personalised service, and offering them emotional support along the way. We want to delight our clients with positive experiences.

We also offer detailed information throughout the entire sales process, so vendors can make the most educated decisions about their property. This is achieved by producing easy-to-read weekly reports and holding weekly meetings to discuss the progress of their sale. Innovations such as Before Your Bid and a Tenant and Owner Portal for property management create further transparency in an industry not known for transparency.

All clients are treated equally as well. Not all real estate agents have embraced property videos and, those who have, are reserving the feature for more prestige properties. We’ve chosen to do a video for every single property we list, because buyers buy lifestyle – whether it’s a $400,000 apartment or a $4m property.

If you’re ready to discover the secrets to being ready to sell your home download our free checklist – Insider Secrets To Being Ready To Sell.


I hope that has helped you today, but if you have any questions whatsoever I’d love to talk to you. My number is 0426 264 771 and I look forward to talking to you soon.

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